Trainings on financial literacy continue their marching over the country. On 11th of July, the company FINCA conducted training on financial literacy, theme – “Savings” for participants of summer camp “El Campo”.
There were 70 students from 7-11 grades over the whole count at the master-class of Baktybek Bazarbaev, the consultant on banking products of the company FINCA.
Trainer said that he has never had such big and active audience. Those who attended this training could feel atmosphere of adolescent curiosity and friendliness. Children were very interested in issues related to the deposits, so Baktybek was attacked by questions.
The trainer said: «You know, I conducted training workshops for both the pupils and students, but I have never had such active participants. Looking in their eyes, one can understand how they are kindled with desire. They asked what documents are necessary to start to make deposits. It means that some scholars have already some savings. I think that such trainings for the pupils are effective because the child will ask the parents to open bank account on his/her name, and it will serve as a stimulus for adults, they will start to think about savings”.
The youth camp “El Campo” is initiative of the young activists, which is aimed at development of leadership characteristics among the kids and investment in their education.