A mobile application that enables users to make instant payments and money transfers, repay loans, replenish deposits and settle accounts at FINCA Bank. It’s also a convenient way to pay for essential services.

  • Remittances across Kyrgyzstan

  • Payments for public utilities

  • Loan repayments

  • Deposit top-ups and settlement of accounts

  • Payments for goods and services

How to connect to FINCA ELSOM

You can download the FINCA ELSOM mobile wallet using any SIM card. Your mobile wallet number is your phone number. You can access your FINCA ELSOM e-wallet regardless of your mobile phone balance.

Key Steps:

  • Download the application FINCA ELSOM from Play Market

  • Then choose the language: Kyrgyz, Russian or English

  • Input your phone number which will become the number of your wallet

  • You will be suggested to input the following data: Name/Surname

  • Think out a password consisting of at least 6 digits or letters

  • Tick the box in confirmation that you have read the PUBLIC OFFER FOR FINCA ELSOM SERVICE AGREEMENT CONCLUSION

  • As soon as the requested data are sent, you will be registered, provided that you have passed the check of your personal data successfully

  • In the case of successful registration, you will receive an SMS message of confirmation containing the PIN code for carrying out operations using FINCA ELSOM. The initial PIN code is 0000, it must be changed into your own 4-digits PIN code which shall be kept in strict secret

Basic package Premium package
Registration By phone In the offices of FINCA Bank, passport (ID card) is required
Replenishment Using payment terminals
Commission fee 0 – 2%
In the cash desks of FINCA Bank
Commission fee 0%
Maximal balance 15 000 soms 950 000 soms
Cash withdrawal In the cash desks of FINCA Bank and KICB
Commission fee The service is unavailable 0,3% (min. 5 soms)
Maximal amount of one-time cash withdrawal 200 000 soms

Registering for FINCA ELSOM is absolutely free of charge. A commission fee may be charged for certain services provided via the mobile wallet. If you have any questions, please contact the customer support team at FINCA Bank.

How can I top-up my mobile wallet?

Payment terminals

0 som

0 som

From 10 to soms  500 soms

From 20 soms to more than 500 soms

From 5 soms to  1,000 soms

2% more than 1,000 soms

Bank Branches

0 som

0 som

0 som

FINCA Bank Branch Services

Free-of-Charge Branch Services

  • Loan repayment: credit account number

  • Top-up deposit: the number of the external deposit account (138ХХХХХХХХХХ)

  • Top-up account settlement: the number of the external settlement account (138ХХХХХХХХХХ)


Save time for valuable moments!
FINCA ELSOM enables you to make mobile payments in a convenient, prompt and safe manner. Don’t spend time visiting a bank branch when you can enjoy the more important moments in life.

More Convenience

  • Easy registration and access via mobile phone

  • Broad opportunities for top-up and cash withdrawal

  • The ability to create templates for repeat payments and money transfers

  • 24/7 access to your funds

  • Safe, secure finances

More Services

  • Money transfers to anywhere in Kyrgyzstan

  • Payment for public utilities

  • Top-up deposits and account settlement

  • Mobile phone balance top-up

  • Loan repayment

  • Payments for goods and services

More Mobility

  • Payments without waiting in line

  • Payments in real time

  • Instant account top-up and receipt of remittances

  • Banking operations without visiting the bank’s offices

More Control

  • Instant notifications of all mobile wallet transactions

  • Access to transaction history

  • The opportunity to block your wallet at any time

Money transfers

Money transfers across Kyrgyzstan

  • Instant money transfers to any corner of the country

  • Choose how much to send and when to send it

  • No need to visit a bank branch

  • No need to wait in line to transfer funds

Other money transfers

  • Receive money transfers from Russia at any service outlet

  • Receive money transfers from Kazakhstan at all QIWI payment terminals

  • Transfer funds to the ELCART bank card and withdraw cash at ATMs (in the nearest future)

  • Transfer funds from your VISA card to FINCA ELSOM (in the nearest future)

Payment for services

Purchases/Payment outlets

  • Payment for public utilities

  • Payment for telecom services

  • Payment for Internet and television

  • Payment of fines

  • Payment of government fees

  • Other services

Payment for tickets at Ticket.kg www.ticket.kg 

Payment for studying at schools of the Academia Rosta www.rost.kg

Where to withdraw cash?

How to become our partner?

  • The commission for cash withdrawal is 0.2% of the total amount, minimum 5 soms.
  • Branch network
  • The commission for cash withdrawal of an amount up to 2, 500 soms is equal to 5 soms, for cash withdrawal of more than 2, 501 soms – 0.2% of the amount
  • The commission fee is equal to 1% of the amount, min. 10 soms, regardless of the amount of replenishment/ withdrawal
  • The maximum amount of the replenishment/ withdrawal is equal to 50, 000 soms
  • The commission for cash withdrawal is equal to 1% of the amount, min. 10 soms
  • The commission for cash withdrawal of an amount up to 2,500 soms is 5 soms, for cash withdrawal of more than 2, 501 soms – 0.2% of the amount

How to become our partner?

FINCA ELSOM offers convenient and secure services for making and accepting payments. By partnering with us, you will provide convenience to your clients, cut your expenses (sales tax, conversion) and increase your security and profits.

The necessary documents for entering into an agreement to accept payments:

For Limited Liability Companies:

  • Constitutive documents: the Charter, certificate of registration of the organization, decision [on establishing partnership], the passport of the Chief Executive Officer

For Sole Proprietorships:

  • Passport
  • Patent