FINCA Bank Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings depth and breadth of expertise and a unique dedication to providing access to responsible financial services.

Florin Lila

Board chair and FINCA Impact Finance vice president and regional director for Eurasia

Elnura Turgunbekova

Board director

Fisnik Kepuska

Board director

Torobaeva Nurgul

Board director

Evgenia Gashikulina

Board director

FINCA Bank Management Team

Our management team brings vast experience, professional skills and expertise from various industry backgrounds

Makhmud Saidakhmatov

CEO and Chair of the Management Board

Maksat Begaliev

Deputy Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Aslanova Nazakat

Deputy Chairman and CCO

Asseta Krasnozhonova

Deputy Chairman and CОO

Aleksey Gorbatovsky

Board Member and Head of the Legal Department

FINCA Impact Finance Global Leadership

The FINCA Impact Finance management team leads a global organization of more than 10,000 employees