At the beginning of June, the Dordoi branch initiated the month’s campaign for financial literacy, within which every Thursday was announced as the Day of Financial Literacy at the Dordoi market.

Since the market entrepreneurs are private borrowers, every day they deal with finance, and they are exposed to various risks, so they became the target audience of series of training courses.

Branch team invited the traders with a help of special invitations, announcements in radio cabin and local newspaper. There were some concerns that the entrepreneurs would not be able to attend trainings because they were busy, but results made us happy. During five trainings, the Dordoi branch managed to cover 245 people, and the second training held in June brought together 72 people. It is record-breaking number of the participants.

Goal of the month’s event is to deliver crucial and relevant information to the entrepreneurs and traders, which was demanded by the sellers as well. The participants were mostly interested in themes of crediting and family budget, because they are mothers and fathers.

“Definitely, in percentage, there were more women rather men at training”, – Aigul Toktoganova, the director of the Dordoi branch pointed out. “They were more interested in our trainings since they were our clients. It is good that we can provide people with information, transfer our knowledge, help them to set priorities and gain skills how to manage their future.  Many participants were not our customers, and they were surprised that we did not advertise our products. It was a pleasure to hear heartfelt words of gratitude and to get positive feedback”.

During month, the team fulfilled tremendous work. Considering that the entrepreneurs of the Dordoi market are busy people, the staff succeeded in their attraction and engagement in training. The branch also indicated that it was planned to follow-up the project in autumn, but with the residents of the “Dordoi” neighborhood.