At the end of September, the FINCA’s head office in Washington DC announced contest on theme: Improving client impression. The contest was held in two areas: “Best Practice” and “New Idea”. The countries-winners were selected by these themes.

In nomination “Best Practice”, the best successful projects of the countries where FINCA was presented have been evaluated. There were 22 countries-participants; Kyrgyzstan was awarded with grand prize for the project on financial literacy.

Recognized already as the best project of the network, it was launched in 2012 like an instrument for enhancing of financial literacy of the population and tool to fight against debt and re-crediting of the borrowers. The project covers representatives of various professions, citizens of different regions and people of different age.

Financial literacy is not only “live” trainings, but also whole course of on-line training; any person has an opportunity to get necessary information on official FINCA website, and websites of informational agencies-media-partners and regional printed publications. Besides, there are actions and initiatives like participation in the World Week of Money, World Saving Day, trainings for active youth and designing of whole curriculum for the students of high educational institutions.

Success of this project is in its stability, diversity, coverage and effectiveness. During period from May 2012 to April 2014, trainers of the company conducted 588 trainings and educated 9554 people.

Grand prize of the international contest reveals success, which secret is that it is large-scale and long-term social project of the company aimed at development of the society, and not income generation.