Open the term deposit on favorable terms.

The terms and conditions of the deposit:

  • Deposit currency – Kyrgyz soms, Russian rubles, US dollars;
  • Minimum deposit amount – 7,000 soms / 7,000 rubles/ 100 US dollars;
  • Deposit term – from three to 36 months;
  • After the expiry of the deposit term, the interest and principal amount of the deposit will be transferred to the settlement account;
  • Interest payment – monthly or upon the expiry of the deposit period;
  • Capitalization of interest (the increase in the amount of the deposit by the amount of the accrued interest) takes place once per year (applicable for deposits with an deposit period of at least 365 days) and in the course of interest payment on the maturity date – upon the expiry of the deposit period;
  • Partial cash withdrawal from the term deposit account is not provided for;
    There is the opportunity to set an individual interest rate on amounts over 500,000 soms/ 10,000 US dollars.

Effective interest rate in soms (per annum) –10.99%.

Effective interest rate in roubles (per annum) – 6.0%.

Effective interest rate in US dollars (per annum) – 3.5%.

Interest rates Minimal/maximal amounts Up to 3 month 3-5 month 6-8 month 9-11 month 12-17 month 18-23 month 24-36 month
In KGS (soms) 7000 0% 3,00% 6,00%










In US dollars 100 0% 0,50% 0,60% 1,00% 1,50% 2,00% 2,50%
In Russian roubles 7 000 0% 3,00% 4,00% 5,00% 6,00% 6,00%
In the case if the deposit amount is more than 100 000 soms / 5 000 US dollars There is an opportunity of setting individual interest rates
6 000 000 soms /roubles Coordonation with the ALCO is required
100 000 US dollars

The advantages of being served at FINCA Bank:

  • Access to funds at any FINCA Bank branch — there are 24 branches located across all regions of Kyrgyzstan;
  • More than 30 years of international experience in responsible finance;
  • The trust and confidence of more than 2.2 million FINCA clients in 20 countries across the globe;
  • Certification from the Smart Campaign.

Tariffs of the CJSC “FINCA Bank” for individuals valid as of February 17 2020

FINCA Bank participates in the Deposit Protection System. According to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On protection of bank deposits”, the deposits of physical persons (including deposit interest) placed in banks are guaranteed compensation in the amount up to 200,000 soms.