Secure the future of your child by starting saving today!

Deposit conditions:

  • Currency– Kyrgyz Soms, Russian Rubles or US Dollars;
  • Minimum initial contribution– KGS 1,000 / RUB 1,000 / USD 20;
  • Maximum initial contribution– KGS 700,000 / RUB 700,000 / USD 10,000;
  • Maximum monthly replenishment – KGS 70,000 / RUB 70,000 / USD 1,000;
  • Deposit period– 6 to 36 months;
  • At the end of the deposit period – transfer of interest and principal to call account;
  • Interest payment: at the end of the deposit period;
  • Compounding (increase of deposit amount by the amount of interest accrued) at the end of calendar year: December 31;
  • No partial withdrawal of deposit funds;
  • Interest accrual basis: 365 days;

Effective interest rate in KGS is up to 9,56%

Effective interest rate in USD is up to 3.85%

Effective interest rate in RUB is up to 6.32%

Interest rates on fixed-term deposits in %:

Currency/Period 6-8 month 9-11 month 12-17 month 18-23 month 24-36 month
In KGS (soms) 5,5% 6,5% 8,5% 9,5% 10,5%
In US dollars 2% 2,5% 3% 3,5% 4%
In Russian roubles 4,5% 5,5% 6,5% 6,5%
Early withdrawal (termination of the deposit) Up to and including 3 months – 0%

In excess of 3 month 50% of accrued interest is paid out

*these interest rates are valid for the period from September 09, 2019, to November 07, 2019 (during the promotional campaign devoted to the World Day of Savings).


Pre-term termination: the interest accrued for the period of up to 3 months – is not paid out – 0%, in excess of 3 months – 50% of interest accrued

The following documents are required to open the deposit: birth certificate of a child under the age of 14 and parent’s ID

By opening the Child’s Savings Deposit with FINCA Bank you can take care of your child’s future now by securing the child’s prosperity in the future!

Tariffs of the CJSC “FINCA Bank” for individuals, valid as of March, 05, 2019

CJSC “FINCA Bank” is a participant of the Deposit Protection System. According to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On protection of bank deposits”, the deposits of the physical persons (including interest) placed in the banks-participan of the deposit protection system, under guarantee event a compensation to be paid in amount up to 200 thousand som.