Financial literacy is significant component of our daily life. To increase level of financial literacy of the population, FINCA’s specialists conduct trainings for several years.
This time, specialists of the company FINCA conducted training on financial literacy for the students of the Institute on Economics and Finance under the State National University.
Baktybek Bazarbaev, the consultant on banking products, acquainted the participants with basic rules of financial savings and told about importance of savings, providing cases from his own life experience.
In a format of ordinary conversation, the students had chance to ask question, learn about benefits of money saving and why they have to save money now. Besides financial savings, the audience started discussion with regard to operational process of the banks, deposits and interest rates.
Talking on serious topics, it is crucial to involve the students in a process, and the specialist managed to irritate interest among the students through actual case studies and tricky tasks. Then, the students expressed their wish FINCA specialist to hold other training.
For several years, FINCA implements the large-scale and long-term project on enhancing of financial literacy level of the population.