The Project “Financial Literacy”, which has being implemented by the company FINCA for three years, received new cycle. Now, specialized heading telling about key concepts of financial sphere occurred in the advertising-informational newspaper “Karakolka”, which is disseminated over the Issyk-Kul province.

“We are interested that our readers get financial-economic information from the professionals who can explain terms unusual for ordinary citizen in simple and understandable language. Also, they can give advice how to handle their income, how to save and make deposits or take credit”, – Kanat Zhanybekov, chief editor and founder of newspaper “Karakolka” said.

Newspaper “Karakolka” is issued on Friday with circulation of five thousand copies both in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.  Within the project, it is planned to publish 50 thematic articles both in Russian and Kyrgyz languages narrating about culture of savings, use of new payment systems, official techniques to increase savings, etc. In particular, the first article is devoted to history of money.

We would like to highlight that similar joint rubric functions on portal “Vecherny Bishkek” more than one year. Additionally, FINCA conducts training on financial literacy for the population of the regions on systematic base. Last year, such trainings were held in 129 settlements and covered 3 thousand people.

In future, the company plans to organize cooperation with printing publications of the Chuy and Naryn provinces.

FINCA underlines that all materials of rubric “Financial Literacy” are published by printing houses on free basis.