Sultan Kaskulov is a resident of the town in Batken region. During the Soviet period, he was engaged manufacturing and production of furniture. Sultan started his cooperation with FINCA Bank in 2014. He and his two sons opened a small workshop and continued to do his favourite business.

Sultan Kaskulov rented premises for his workshop, purchased the necessary equipment and proceeded to production of furniture. The assortment of the produced goods is very various in its style and the intended use, at has a wide range of models.

Corner sofa sets are in especially great demand. There is a lot of work to do, but Sultan Kaskulov is satisfied with the state of his business.  Now he starts to think about the expansion of his business little by little. Currently there are three craftsmen, and in the case of expansion, he will be able to invite two more craftsmen to work with him.

Sultan’s family is thankful to FINCA Bank for timely financial support. “I owe   them my success in many respects. The bank has provided me good conditions, and I trust to the Bank” – Sultan said cordially in an informal conversation.