The story of our cooperation with FINCA started in 1995, when the company has just come to Kyrgyzstan and acted as a program of lending for businessmen.

I participated in the first solidarity groups taking loans.  Those were difficult years, and the support of FINCA was of incalculable value; I can say that we managed to survive thanks to its help. I remember that initially the members of our group received 400 soms each. Each of us was responsible for each other.

We spent our first financing to reconstruction of an old livestock farm, previously own by a collective farm.  Thus, we started to breed various livestock brought from different regions of the country. In a few years, we managed to increase the quantity of our livestock. We started to receive profit from the sale of meat and milk.

As soon as individual lending appeared in FINCA, we immediately switched to it. Because in this type of lending you are responsible for yourself. You are not dependent on other people.

For the time of our cooperation, we raised our children, set them on their feet. Our eldest son Almaz continuous our business. He breeds cattle. Now, with the support of FINCA Bank is going to build a house.  And all that is left to do for us is to help our children by fostering children.