Makhabat was born and grew up in Batken, the hottest region of our country bordering with Tajikistan.

She went to school exactly in Tajikistan, and when she came back to her hometown of Batken, she took a job at a hospital and has been working there as a clinical nurse manager for 20 years in a row.  The salary was insufficient. She had two children. The children grew up and their needs grew too. Makhabat decided to start her own business, and, in 2005, she opened a sales outlet. After several years, she understood that successful trade requires serious investments, and she applied for a loan to the branch of the CJSC “FINCA Bank” located in Batken. Makhabat has been cooperating with the Bank for 6 years since that time. During this period, she manages to marry off daughter, preparing decent dowry. Today Makhabat is a grandmother, a successful business lady, but at the same time, she remained a very modest woman.

The only thing she said about her future plans was as follows: “Like many other people, I want stability in everything. I want to believe that every new day will bring us good news only. I plan to expand my business. Now I know how to do it correctly and in profitable manner.”  Thanks to close cooperation with Loan officers of the branch, Makhabat believes that she can be sure in her sustainable future.

“I’d like to emphasize specifically the work of the Loan Officer and the service in the office. Everybody is always friendly and ready to help with any issue. FINCA is a place where a good plan can always come true!”