FINCA Bank supported the opening of 10 kindergartens in jailoo.

Kindergartens and schools are one of the priority areas that FINCA Bank supports. The Bank’s staff believes that investment in education is important and needed to nurture a new generation of those who will govern the country and create jobs.

The Bank sponsored the “Kindergartens in jailoo” project of the “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” International Foundation this year as well. The project was initiated by the Foundation to provide children from remote areas with an opportunity to learn and get prepared for school. As it is known, in summer shepherds’ children move to pastures together with their family members, and there are no kindergartens. As a result, children of preschool age are not well-prepared. And, thanks to the Project, yurts were equipped as kindergartens, and children are engaged daily with their teachers in three-hour classes during the summer. It should be noted that the teachers are volunteers, who gratuitously impart necessary knowledge to children.

In total tens of kindergartens were opened during the summer. Our Bank financed 10. The staff of branches, located nearby the kindergartens, purchased necessary educational supplies and handed them over to the organizers. They participated in the openings of the kindergartens in Kelte, Kara-Koi, Baatay-Aral, Kok-Zhaiyk, Kyzy-Zhardy, Chyiyrchyk, Kok-Art, Karagan-Sai, Oruktu and Dam jailoos, scattered across different regions of the Republic.

According to the FINCA Bank staff, who witnessed the joy of children from new books, coloring books and stationery, the children were really waiting for the start of the classes. Moreover, those children who already participated in classes last year proudly told about their achievements.

“We cannot but be pleased with this zeal for learning. They begin to explore the world, and we are trying to support them for the second year already. This is not a once-only project, and we hope that our ongoing partnership with the Foundation will benefit the community”, as we were told in the Bank.