On the International Day of People with Disabilities, held traditionally on December 3rd in all UN countries, the staff of the Kyzyl-Kiya branch of the company delivered upholstered furniture to the sponsored home for the disabled “Luch Solntsa” (Sun Ray). Number of children living in this home is constantly increased. Last year, there were 63 children, and this year – already 80. Age of the residents of this institution is from 3 to 15 years old.

Dordoi branch continues to take care of the children from the rehabilitation center “Maksat”. Last year, FINCA’s employees helped this center with renovation of the classrooms for physical works where the children can draw and paint pictures, embroider, sew and do glass beading. Children from the center “Maksat” invited the representatives of the Dordoi branch to take part in event dedicated to the 3rd of December Day, and the guests came not with empty hands.  Young pupils of the center have received sets for drawing and applied art, and albums for coloring.

The staff of the Kerben branch of the company also provided targeted support to the people having problems with vision and hearing. They visited seven residents of Kerben village and delivered them food packages.

The Sokuluk branch congratulated 135 pupils of the Petrov boarding school in Belovodsky village. This branch provides feasible assistance to the school for long period. This time, it was double aid – fabric delivered to the school for bed linen sewing has been bought from FINCA’s client.

The Karakol branch provided targeted support to five children at age from 7 to 15 years old who have diagnosis of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. The company staff together with representatives of the local authorities have visited the children and presented their parents packages with food products.

Finally, the Kerben branch delivered bathroom equipment to its sponsored school for invalids “Tsefey” to renovate toilet facilities and bathroom. Capital repairs were completed by December 3, and the branch staff took part in solemn occasion devoted to this date.