The issue of preschool education has been continued to be on the agenda of the communities. Kindergartens and educational institutions are not enough even in the cities, not to mention the remote villages and pastures.

“Jailoo preschools” is the project of the International Foundation “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative”. It enables children of pastoralists leaving in the summer to the mountains to get prepared for the school. Teachers spend at least three hours a day for the classes to facilitate the development of speaking, numerical and other essential skills. There is also a medical station within the territory of the “Jailoo preschool”, where a doctor can monitor quality of food, keep track of height, weight and  condition of each child.

The Project  “Jailoo preschools” is run for a few year already.  80 preschools are expected to be opened in Jailoo (pasture from Kyrgyz) this year.  35 ones were opened last year, of which 8 preschools were supported by the CJSC “FINCA Bank”.

Realizing the importance of this project, FINCA Bank made the decision to equip 10 preschools this year.  Its branches in the fields will deliver the resources and take part in the official opening.

Preschools in jailoo will be operating since July, 2015 till the end of the summer.  By now tutors have passed trainings and the preschools are about to finish their arrangements for the opening.