FINCA Bank has supported opening a kindergarten on a jailow (high mountain pasture). This time the Uch-Chat kindergarten was opened on Kyzy-Dzhardy  jailow in Suusamyr valley.

The employees of Talas branch visited the opening ceremony one of these days. It’s noteworthy that it’s not the first time the kindergarten was opened. Last year children of shepherds called “chabans” also studied for three hours a day. This year the children look forward to the visitors’ arrival and the beginning of lessons. They were especially glad that this year they will be taught something new. A girl who went to the kindergarten last year told the FINCA employees that it was particularly the kindergarten where she learned how to read and to write. The head of the local ayil okmotu  (the municipal government) expressed gratitude on behalf of all the kids’ parents throughout the area and emphasized that FINCA Bank always came to help.