Since today, January 15, 2019, the State Tax Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic started to administer insurance fees, thus Tenizbek Abzhaparov, the Chairperson of the State Tax Service, said at the news conference on January, 15.

According to him, since January 15 of this year, the functions of the Social Insurance Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic on administering the insurance fees of state social insurance were delegated to the State Tax Service according to the resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

In this view, starting from January 15, in order to receive Insurance certificates and premium receipts by the heads and members of peasant farm enterprises without forming a legal entity, it’s necessary to appeal to the territorial tax authorities “Single windows”), service centers and patent issuing offices.

At that, calculation notes [payroll records] on the state social insurance funds for the reporting periods till January 01. 2019, including for December, 2018, shall be provided to the district offices of the Social Insurance Fund at the place of registration, as the overall results of 2018 will be summarized by the Social Insurance Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Report for January, 2019, and subsequent reports shall be submitted to the territorial tax authorities, starting from this February.

Delegating the functions of administering the insurance fees to the tax authorities is directed to setting favourable conditions for conduct of business, as this measure will provide an opportunity to decrease the administrative workload of legal entities and individuals.

Particularly, it would be convenient for the tax payers to submit two reports – both on taxes and on insurance fees – to the same public authority, and to receive not only the patent, but the insurance certificate too, it will reduce the time spent on those procedure to a considerable degree.

Besides, the quantity of checks would decrease, as the checks in respect of compliance with the tax legislation and with the legislation related to state social insurance will be carried out by the same controlling authority.

All these measures directed to setting favourable conditions for conduct of business and improving the services provided to the tax payer will contribute to the improvement of the position of the Kyrgyz Republic in the international rating “Doing Business”.

Administering of the insurance fees by the Tax Service will provide an opportunity to perform comprehensive analysis of the completeness of payment of income tax and insurance fees.

Besides, taking into consideration the existing powers of the tax authorities, it’s expected that the coverage of insurance contribution payer with the state social insurance and, accordingly, revenues to the budget of the Social Insurance Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic should increase.

In order to provide high quality implementation of the new function of administering the insurance fees, 240 employees of the Social Insurance Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic have been seconded for the temporary service on the   State Tax Service for the period till July 01, 2019. All the employees have been equipped with the work places, computers and necessary inventory to carry out the work.

For more detailed information, please call 194 (the State Tax Service) and 1202 (the Social Insurance Fund), or visit the websites: and

The information has been taken from the official website of the State Tax Service