On March 12, 2019, the Global Finance announced its 26th annual ceremony of adjudging “Global Finance Awards” to the best banks of the world in New York. It’s one of prestigious international awards in banking and financial sectors.

Global Finance takes a survey and selects the best financial institutions in more than 150 countries, based on the criteria of dynamic growth, development and implementation of innovative technologies, as well as implementation of strategic projects. This year, the banks combining strong service with excellent business results were named as laureates.
Without any exaggeration, it’s possible to name FINCA Bank as one of the most rapidly growing Banks. We develop and improve our products and services unceasingly, striving to make the process of financial management prompt, efficient and convenient for our clients. Receiving the honorary award of the Global Finance is the evidence of the fact that our bank doesn’t stay static and we still gain the pace of development with confidence!