During last three years, the trainers on financial knowledge of the CJSC “FINCA Bank” trained mainly the adults and clients. In 2015, special module for the high school students was designed, which includes interactive exercises and assignments.

Using renewed module, the trainers started to teach the students of 9-11 grades within the global campaign “Global Money Week”. On 11 of March, training was held for the students of the school-lyceum №75. In parallel, similar trainings were held at the school-gymnasium №4, the secondary schools of Jalal-Abad city, Gulcha village and residential settlement Kok-Zhar in Bishkek city.

According to reports of the trainers, the students were mostly interested in topics how to administer their own budget, and “how to become a millionaire”. Some participants of the training had already working experience, and topics of saving and increasing of savings was very relevant for them.

99 people have being trained.