Initial trainings within a series of partner trainings on financial literacy were launched jointly with the NBKR. The first training was held last week at the Talas Technological Institute.

Training was facilitated by the FINCA’s trainer on financial literacy, and the manager of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic opened the training and underlined importance of financial literacy. “At present, we feel that shortage of knowledge leads to financial failures. It is crucial at the beginning of financial relations to lay down a foundation and highlight key points that every individual can administer his/her funds in a wise way and make right decisions”,- the trainers said. Training participants actively asked various questions, discussed cases from life, and they were interested in status of economy.  37 people participated at the training, namely both the students and teachers of the institute.

Series of joint trainings with the NBKR and local authorities is held to raise awareness on finance, rights and duties, and formation of responsibility in decision-making process related to personal budget. Partner trainings will be held in all regions of the republic.