The celebration of the World Day of Savings on October, 30. The event was organized within the framework of the week of savings during which the Bank held trainings and meetings for kids and adults in various regions of the country.

The festivity took place in two branches of the Bank. Customers and residents of the city were invited there. The program of the event included a training session, entertaining trivia quizzes and contests. The visitors not only found out about the methods and instruments of savings, but they also received an opportunity to open a savings account on favorable terms.

Representatives of the World Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and of the Fund of Savings Banks on international cooperation took part in the celebration of the World Day of Savings. They congratulated the visitors on the occasion of such a memorable event; in their speeches they also emphasized the importance of holding such events and marked the contribution of FINCA Bank to the development of culture of savings.

FINCA Bank says that currently the culture of savings is not sufficiently developed in our country. There is an opinion that only rich people can save money, while it’s possible to make savings even for people who have small salary. Besides experts insist that it’s necessary to start financial education in early age. That’s why children were invited to the festivity. They found out about the history of money, familiarized themselves with the currencies of various countries and received commemorative prize from the bank.

Organizers and participants of the event hope that celebrating of the World Day of Savings will become a tradition thanks to which the quantity of people saving money for the future will increase!