From November 2014 to February 2015, FINCA, the National Bank and local authorities have conducted a series of joint trainings on financial literacy. Aim is to raise awareness on finance, rights and duties of service users, and form a responsibility in decision-making process with respect to personal budget.

One of effective initiatives is training – these events were held in all regions of the republic. The partners jointly with our trainers answered questions of the participants, discussed themes and gave their recommendations. Totally, our colleagues held eight broad trainings on financial literacy with participation of 410 people. Additionally, three trainings will be held till the end of February.

Earlier existing format of the training ahs not being changed, but duration of the training was shortened. Training reflected following issues: What is financial literacy, Why is it important to be financially skillful? Principles of crediting, Excessive indebtedness, Credit history, Reasons of delinquencies in credit repayment, Examples of good loans.

Trainers mentioned that participation of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and the local administration was crucial and necessary. It gave the participants an opportunity to get full, reliable information on finance from various sources.