The Global Money Week is hold annually in March across the globe. Its aim is to bring the issues of financial literacy and careful attitude to money into the public eye. This year the keynote of the Global Money Week is the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the national currency – Kyrgyz som.

As it was in previous years, FINCA Bank takes active part in the work of the Global Money Week, and it has prepared a number of events, e.g. an interactive quest for the leading universities and colleges of the country, an interesting contest for schoolchildren directed to creating the most creative savings box and financial literacy trainings within the framework of which pupils of schools also will be able to participate in interesting quizzes.

The quest among the universities is held in order to attract the attention of the youth to the national currency. Students will solve logical tasks and take creative photos in the significant places of the city. Upon the completion of the event, three teams will be awarded with valuable prizes, also special stimulating prizes will be provided to all the participants.

In order to improve the level of the financial literacy and attract children’s attention to the money management skills, the contest “The most creative savings box” will take place across Kyrgyzstan, including remote regions and villages. Schoolchildren will have to craft an unusual savings box and present it in photo or video materials. The judges of the contest will choose the most interest works, and the team of the most creative school will receive financing for equipping the school with necessary supplies to the amount of 1, 000 US dollars. There is a valuable prize to compete for!

It’s noteworthy that it’s the fifth year in a row when FINCA Bank takes part in the global campaign and provides active support to the global movement of development of economic education of children and youth.

We encourage everyone to take active part in the events of the Global Money Week!